• Bike Trials


    Ciclabile della ValsassinaCiclabile della ValsassinaCiclabile della Valsassina

    This trail is ideal for the entire family.
    A blissful cycle on a safe route that allows travellers to admire the mountains of Valsassina, discovering some of the most beautiful and well-hidden corners of the Pioverna river.
    It starts at the so-called “Chiusa” of the Valsassina (570 mt) before reaching the village of Introbio.
    The route snakes down the bank of the Pioverna and will take you to the village of Prato san Pietro/Cortenova (478 mt).
    The entire cycle route is paved and easy to travel on and it is ideal for organizing picnics, swims in the river and further sport activities such as horse-back riding at one of the many riding schools dotted along the trail.

    Ciclabile della ValsassinaCiclabile della ValsassinaCiclabile della valsassina

    Length: 13 Km round trip – Slope: 92 mt – Travel time: half an hour – Difficulty level: Easy

    Ciclabile della Valsassina


    Traversata BassaTraversata BassaTraversata Bassa

    A highly enjoyable trail crossing the Grigne on medium mountain trails framed by the changing scenery typical of the area.
    It starts from the village of Ballabio (690 mt) and after cycling 14 bends on paved street you’ll get to the Resinelli plains (1284 mt).
    From here reach the “Soldanella” alpine refuge (1349 mt), from where – with a number of slight changes in slope – you’ll get to a sign indicating the low crossing (=Traversata bassa).
    Continue cycling on unpaved track across the woods till you pass the farm called “Pian delle Fontane” (1380 mt), after a short ride which will lead you across the Pioverna river (1077 mt) the trail crosses a path leading to the housing of Pialeral.
    Proceeding among ascents and descents across woods and lawns you’ll pass the small Church “Regina Pacis” till you’ll reach the hamlet of Pasturo (630 mt).
    From here take the road SP 62 to return to your starting point.

    Length: 36 Km round trip – Slope: 1050 mt – Travel time: 4 hours – Difficulty level: Medium

    Traversata BassaTraversata Bassa


    Parco AddaParco AddaParco Adda

    A trail that does not require particular physical fitness and accompanies bikers down the right bank of the Adda.
    The starting point is the Olginate sports field. Cycling down the main road you’ll reach the railway bridge, where the road becomes unpaved.
    After skirting a few fields admiring the beauty of the Grigne and Resegone reflected in the waters, you’ll pass the village of Brivio with its castle, the bridge connecting the Lecco with the Bergamo sides of the river and Imbersago, where you may see – still working - the manual ferry designed 5 centuries ago by Leonardo da Vinci.
    After passing the gorge housing the Robbiate dam, the “Eco-Museum” of Leonardo begins: a trail consisting of 14 stops of cultural-historical significance.
    Soon afterwards you’ll reach the imposing iron bridge of Paderno d’Adda, 80 mt high, which offers a breathtaking view on the canyon underneath.
    After crossing the Adda you’ll get in Capriate san Gervaso, where there is the interesting village of Crespi d’Adda: an artificial village conceived, dreamed, designed and built by Crespi towards the end of 1800 for the employees of his cotton mill.
    The houses, public facilities, services, schools etc were part of a unique design that can still be visited today.

    Parco AddaParco Adda

    Length: 30 Km round trip – Slope: 120 mt – Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes – Difficulty level: Easy

    parco AddaParco Adda


    Salita del Ghisallo

    The climb starts from Bellagio, between the 3rd kilometer and the town of Guello there is the most hard part, characterized by 7 narrow bends and some long straight stretches, with slopes up to a 14%.
    In some stretches you may catch a beautiful glimpse of the lake with the Grigna in the background reflecting into the water.
    In the last 2 kilometers the road starts to climb with an average slope of more than an 8%, then finally around the last bend you can see the outline of the Sanctuary.
    The best professionals can manage to fulfill the trail in less than 20 minutes.

    salita del GhisalloSalita del ghisallo

    Length: 17 Km round trip – Slope: 471 mt – Travel time: 35 minutes – Difficulty level: Very Hard

  • By Train


    Milano - Il DuomoMilano - La GalleriaMilano - Il Castello

    Second Italian municipality in population after Rome, busy and dynamic city, Milan has always been considered as the capital of the Italian Economy.
    Too often we think of Milan as a mere commercial and not really touristic city, we usually visit it for shopping or we choose to live there just for the opportunities it is able to offer.

    Milano - La MadonninaMilano - Il DuomoMilano - Santa Maria delle Grazie

    However, the heart of Milan beats fast and offers majestic palaces and ancient churches, museums and theatres rich in rare and unique masterpieces of Italian art.

    Milano - Ultima Cena di LeonardoMilano - Cripta di San Carlo Borromeo


    Bergamo - all'albaBergamoBergamo - La Rocca

    It takes just half a day to get an idea of the natural, artistic and historic Bergamo, walking through the alleys and small squares, seeing the medieval tower-houses and visiting the most important monuments of the city.
    The old town is completely surrounded by walls that have maintained intact their original appearance over the centuries.

    Bergamo - Piazza in Città AltaBergamo - Città AltaBergamo - Funicolare


    Venezia - Veduta aereaVenezia - Piazza San MarcoVenezia - Ponte di Rialto

    Venice is located 4 km from the mainland and 2 km from the open sea on a group of 118 small lagoon islands separated one another by channels, the main ones of which flow into the “Canal Grande”.
    Due to the peculiarities of its urban planning and its invaluable artistic heritage, Venice is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as to be included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Every Sunday direct train-Lecco - Venice: departure from Lecco h. 7:35 arrival in Venice h. 11:56

    Venezia - Santa Maria della SaluteVenezia - GondolaVenezia - San Giorgio Maggiore


    Trenino del bernina

    We would like to recommend to spend a day on the small red train of Bernina: the railway that connects Tirano, in the Valtellina valley to St. Moritz, in the Swiss Engadine.
    All along the way, the trip offers breathtaking views of incomparable beauty in close contact with nature.
    From the carriages, some of which are fully open, it is possible to admire the surrounding landscape at 360 degrees.

    Trenino del BerninaTrenino del Bernina

  • Museums

    Guzzi Motorbike Museum - Mandello del Lario

    Moto Guzzi

    You cannot miss a visit to the historic Museum of Moto Guzzi, that attracts every 2 years many tourists from all over the world to the traditional motorcycle rally (World Guzzi Days).
    In the museum more than 150 pieces are collected: sport bikes, prototypes and engines that have made the history of Moto Guzzi, making the factory well known both at a national and international level.

    Museo Moto GuzziMuseo Moto GuzziMuseo Moto Guzzi

    The museum is open Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 pm, it is closed in August.
    The entrance is free, with the possibility of a guided tour.

    Museo Moto GuzziMuseo Moto GuzziMuseo Moto Guzzi




    Museo Setificio MontiMuseo Setificio Monti

    The Civic Museum of the “Monti” silk factory in Abbadia Lariana preserves original equipments that are unique in Italy and offers the visitor the environment of a silk yarns producing factory as it was in the second half of the 800.
    In the halls you can see various tools for the silk manufacture: the monumental round wooden twister with 972 spindles, 5 mt large and 11 mt high, placed on four working floors and completely operational.
    Outside you may see two large waterwheels that once moved the entire system.



    MUSEUM OF CYCLING - Magreglio

    Museo del CiclismoMuseo del Ciclismo

    In Magreglio in the province of Como, on the San Primo mountain side, there is the Sanctuary of the “Madonna of Ghisallo”.
    The shrine is especially well known to cyclists, since this area is traditionally covered by the Tour of Lombardy and it has also been often included in the “Tour of Italy” route.
    In 1948 Pope Pio XII proclaimed the Madonna of Ghisallo the Patron Saint of cyclists.
    On such an occasion a votive flame, blessed by the Pope, was brought from Rome to the shrine by a relay team of cyclists, the last two torchbearers of whom were Bartali and Coppi.
    Next to the shrine there is the Museum of cycling, and in the forecourt a monument to the cyclist.

  • Nature Itineraries


    Cascata Val MonasteroCascata Val MonasteroCascata Val MonasteroCascata Val Monastero

    An itinery for everybody, with climbs of moderate difficulty.
    The path starts from the Town Hall of Abbadia towards “Linzanico”, after reaching Maggiana continue following the directions of the “High Grigne Ways” (a red rectangle with a blue circle in the middle) until you reach the waterfall of the river Zerbo, the highest in the Grigne group. The track takes approximately 3 hours time.


    Mappa Sentiero del ViandanteSentiero del ViandanteSentiero del Viandante

    The path is a unique opportunity to discover the artistic and natural beauty of the towns of the coast.
    It runs along the eastern shore of the lake, from Abbadia to Colico covering a distance of about 35 Km.

    Sentiero del ViandanteSentiero del ViandanteSentiero del Viandante

    You can easily cover it in 3 / 4 days or you may walk from time to time the different routes that separate a railway station from the other one (line Lecco-Colico).

    Sentiero del ViandanteSentiero del ViandanteSentiero del Viandante


    Il fiume di EraIl fiume di EraIl fiume di Era

    The way is a loop route, it follows not always easy trails across areas of great environmental fascination at the bottom of two valleys (the “Meria” and the “Era” valleys) that go up to Mount Grignone from Mandello.
    The route runs along the stream of the torrent among waterfalls and pools of rare beauty (forcing you to many fords) and rocky stretches on slippery grounds often equipped with chains.
    Starting point: Sonvico, a hamlet of Mandello – round trip walking time: 4 hours – difference in altitude: 510 m - difficulty level: EE (hiking for experts).

    Il fiume di Era


    Alpe di Era

    This itinerary is recommended for skilled hikers, since it is quite challenging.
    A long walk that takes you from Somana to the Church of Santa Maria, to the Alp of Era and to Gardata.

    Fontana all'Alpe di EraAlpe di EraAlpe di Era

    A path for every season, a trail mostly uphill on mule tracks with comfortable and well kept steps.
    You’ll surely be impressed by a breathtaking view over the Meria valley, on the high crossing of the Grigne group and on the Rosalba hut.
    The path - with return to the hamlet of Rongio -takes about 5 hours time.

    Chiesa di Santa MariaCappelletta di santa PredaGardata


    Ferriera di Mandello del LarioFerriera di Mandello del LarioFerriera di Mandello del Lario

    The Ferriera (or Ferrera) cave, also known as the Cave of Copper or White Water Cave upon the name of the source located at its entrance, is a cave 175 mt long and about 50 mt wide, crossed by a stream forming a waterfall that afterwards ends in the cracks of the floor.
    The entrance of the cave is easily practicable, but the bottom is slippery and full of clefts.


    Piani ResinelliPiani ResinelliPiani Resinelli

    Extensive plateau between 1200 and 1300 mt nestled at the foot of Mount Grignetta in an expanse of lawns gently sloping down the Monastero valley, the Resinelli plains are the ideal place for quiet vacations as well as a famous climbing center thanks to the Grignetta, one of the most beautiful natural practice walls in Italy.
    The Resinelli plains were for centuries the transitional area from the towns on the lake (Abbadia and Mandello) to reach the Valsassina valley. Thanks to their favourable position, they were also used as a summer pasture for the herds.
    The Valentino Park extends within the lush forests of Mount Calolden, and on the Coltignone mountainside. It is run through by several tracks in dirt and by easy trails, protected by wooden fences along the crags, that allow you to reach the most scenic and interesting viewpoints.

    Piani resinelliPiani Resinelli

    The Mineral Park of the Resinelli plains allows to visit the old lead mines exploited since the sixteenth century to the present. You can visit: the mine “Anna” and the mine “Cavallo”, with its spectacular empty spaces 20/30 mt high.

    Miniera Piani ResinelliMiniera Piani ResinelliMiniera Piani Resinelli

  • Paths and Huts

    Paths and Huts of Lecco's area


    La GrignaLa GrignaSasso Cavallo

    GRIGNE AND RESEGONE are well known all over the world of mountaineering for their many climbing routes and for having trained some of the greatest mountain climbers of all times.
    Within the group of GRIGNE they distinguish the northern Grigna, commonly called Grignone (2410 m) and the southern Grigna, also known as Grignetta (2177 mt).

    GrignettaI Rifugi delle GrigneRifugio Brioschi

    The first one, accessible from the lake starting from Mandello del Lario or more conveniently from the Valsassina, is definitely less bitter and offers many possibilities of excursions, all of which with a splendid view from the summit to the western and central part of the Alps.
    Mount Grignetta is very famous for its magnificent natural environment, and the excellent network of paths that allows numerous and unforgettable hikes and climbs. The ground is very steep, furrowed by deep ravines and dotted with dozens of rock formations, pinnacles and towers.

    Rifugio BrioschiRifugio Bietti BuzziRifugio BoganiRifugio Rosalba

    Particularly pleasing are the short trips to the Resinelli plains. Hospitality and good food are always available in the huts and restaurants, some accessible directly by car (like the ones located at the Resinelli plains), other ones situated at the end of more challenging hikes.
    Located on the coast that from Grignetta goes down to Mandello, there is the Rosalba Hut - 1730 mt, in a very panoramic position and the Elisa Hut – 1515 mt, excellent starting point for the climbing to the “Sasso Cavallo” and “Sasso dei Carbonari”, as well as for the ascent to Grignone and for interesting crossings.
    On Grignone there is the Bogani Hut (1816 mt) and just below the summit, in a spectacular location, the Brioschi Hut, from where you may enjoy breathtaking views.



    Mount RESEGONE, with its main peak: the top Cermenati – 1875 mt, is the most famous mountain in the Lecco area.
    Its outline, with its typical jagged form, is clearly visible till beyond Milan, especially on clear days. Hikers can choose three sides for their excursions: from Lecco, from Morterone and from Erve - all of which very beautiful and with different characteristics in length and difficulty.

    Rifugio AzzoniCima ResegoneRifugio Stoppani

    The Resegone offers an incredible variety of trails: from elementary paths for beginners to more challenging routes, including the “via ferrata”, ideal for the most skilled climbers.
    For the ones who love extreme sports there are numerous cliffs equipped for climbing.
    Just below the summit of Mount Resegone there is the Azzoni Hut, from where the view spaces out at 360 degrees, and on its slopes there is the Stoppani Hut – 890 mt.

    Il Resegone da Lecco

  • Routes

    Lago di Como - Bellagio

    A Lake, wholly to be...

    Lago di Como



  • Sports and Adventure


    Lario Climb

    Arrampicata - LarioClimbArrampicata - LarioClimbArrampicata - LarioClimbArrampicata - LarioClimb

    The territory of Lecco offers countless opportunities for climbing.
    From the Grignetta, one of the most beautiful natural rock climbing wall in Italy, to Medale, from the via ferrata of Resegone to the numerous granite cliffs spread throughout the area.
    Grigne and Resegone are well-known all over the world of mountaineering for their many climbing routes and for having trained some of the greatest mountain climbers of all times.

    Arrampicata - LarioClimb


    Ranch "El Picadero"


    Via Adda, 3 (former Via Erbiola) - Zona Forte di Fuentes, 23823 Colico (Lc)
    Riding stables, breeding, dressage, horse training and stud, walks for beginners, first time riding for adults and children.
    Open the whole year.

    "Crazy Cow-Boy Ranch"

     Crazy Cow-Boy RanchCrazy Cow-Boy Ranch

    Via Forte Fuentes 33 - Zona Forte di Fuentes , 23823 Colico (Lc)
    Tel. +39.339.3992199

    Crazy Cow-Boy RanchCrazy Cow-Boy Ranch


    "Proadventure" - "Altolario Guide"


    Slides, dives, toboggan and falls with the race exploring some of the most beautiful places of nature.
    Coming down in a canyon is a unique experience that doesn’t require special skills, you can do it with a mountain guide in complete security.
    Gordona, Val Bodengo (25 Km after Colico, 5 Km before Chiavenna) - Minimum 4 people



    Mountain BikeMountain BikeMountain Bike

    Mountain bike rental: half day = 5 Eur, whole day = 10 Eur, one week = 30 Eur



    "Golf Club Lecco"

    Located between the lakes of Pusiano and Annone in one of the most beautiful areas of Brianza, the GOLF CLUB LECCO is a 18 hole green with the peaksof Grigne and Resegone in the background.
    Address: Frazione Pizzighettone 1, Annone Brianza (LC) - Tel. +39.0341.579525
    How to get there: Speedway SS 36 direction Milan, exit Annone/Cesana Brianza.
    Latitude: 46° 8 Min. 31 Sec. N - Longitude: 9° 22 Min. 26 Sec. E



    "Son Of Beach"

    Beach Montecchio Nord, 23823 COLICO - tel. +39.389.4637873 - +39.338.7423842
    Latitude: 46° 8 Min. 31 Sec. N - Longitude: 9° 22 Min. 26 Sec. E
    The high area of Lake Como is a wild and primitive environment, still largely unspoiled. Canoeing there is a relaxing experience but at the same time it has the flavor of discovery.
    It is now more than ten years since the first kite appeared on Lake Como in March 1999.
    Along with the materials, the technique of teaching has evolved and now kitesurfing can be considered safe and accessible to everybody
    Shallow water, sandy bed, grass and sand beaches outside the shipping routes: there are all the ideal conditions to learn surfing in complete safety.


    "Amici del Vento"

    Amici del VentoAmici del Vento - Enterprise

    The purpose of the Sports Association “AMICI DEL VENTO” (FRIENDS OF THE WIND) is passing on its enthusiasm for sailing, proposing excursions on Lake Como on board of "Enterprise" and "Spirit".
    The tours can be half day, full day and evening.
    If you like, you can try to steer the boat, under the supervision of the crew, and with the assistance of the association crew it is also possible to rent the whole boat for half a day or a whole day.
    Contacts: Mauro +39.338.5883896 - Gigi +39.328.4877688 you find them at the Parè Harbour in Lecco.

    "Orza Minore"

    Orza Minore

    ORZA MINORE has been dealing for more than 20 years with sailing courses, boat cruises, sailing licenses and boat hire.
    Its 150 instructors provide their technical expertise and their enthusiasm to help you discover all aspects of the universe of sailing, a fleet of 47 boats and 6 security means complete the offering.
    The fleet, available for hire, is moored in the harbor of Dervio, 100 meters from their Naval Base.
    Dervio is located in the windiest area of the lake known as the “Alto Lario” (High Lake Como), from here you can sail on the northern part of Lake Como making sailing excursions.
    The seat of Orza Minore is located in Monza, Via Arosio 6 / A – Tel. +39.039.328301




    Flying in a paraglider is exciting but not dangerous, the takeoff is very similar to a ski lift departure.
    Even who suffers from vertigo can fly, in any case who doesn’t feel to fly alone can fly in a two-seater glider as a passenger.
    Qualified pilots, with sails designed for the purpose, are available to anyone who wants to try.
    The Aero Club Mt. Cornizzolo, a federal school aggregate to the Aero Club of Italy, has its headquarters in Suello, at the foot of Mount Cornizzolo. Address: Via Mauri 1 – Tel. +39.031.658428
    It provides a shuttle service (against payment) to reach the takeoff.


    "Acqua Splash Franciacorta"


    It covers an area of 40.000 square metres with a surface of 20.000 square metres of blue water where a total of 200 metres of slides dive: black hole, twister, kamikaze, boa, drop, twist, foam, kami, magical lagoon and much more.
    How to get there: Motorway A4 MILANO-VENEZIA, Exit ROVATO
    State road direction Lake Iseo (about 8 km from the exit)
    GPS coordinates: N 45 ° 63 '67''E 9 ° 99' 97''


    Wake Board

    "Baja Wake"

    Federal wakeboard school recognized by CONI Wakeboarding for everyone from 8 years
    All necessary equipment is provided by the school
    BAJA WAKE Lungo Lario Piave 5, 23900 Lecco (by Lido ORSA MAGGIORE)
    Tel. +39.366.3453208
    From Abbadia: Coastal road, the first exit to Lecco.



    Via Boggia 9, 23020 GORDONA (Sondrio)
    Inaugurated in July 1993 and situated in Gordona (Sondrio), in the immediate proximity of the Italian-Swiss border 64 Km far from Lecco, the cart track may be reached through the Speedway SS 36 Milano - Lecco - Colico.


    Parchi Avventura

    Climbing trees and moving from one to the other having fun with thrilling acrobatic paths in complete safety, adventure parks represent a perfect balance between nature, sports and entertainment.

    Parchi AvventuraParchi AvventuraParchi Avventura

    Air path – Wind path – Tornado path – Hurricane Path – Typhoon path on reservation only: Canyoning – Tours in mountain bike

    Tarzaning: Yellow path – Green path – Blue path

    Children’s path – Green Path – Blue path – Red path
    Activities: Archery – Nordic Walking

  • Street markets

    Il Mercato

    • Monday: Mandello del Lario (h. 7.30-13.00)
    • Tuesday: Dervio, Como (h. 7.30-13.00)
    • Wednesday: Lecco (h. 7.30-18.00)
    • Thursday: Bellano, Como (h. 7.30-13.00)
    • Friday: Colico (h. 7.30-13.00)
    • Saturday: Lecco, Como (h. 7.30-18.00)

    You’ll find: cheese, cold cuts, honey, jams, wine, oil, fruit, flowers

    • Piazza Mercato, Valmadrera Friday: h. 15.00-19.30 Saturday: h. 8.00-14.00
  • Tourist Itineraires



    Enchanting village with narrow alleys and squares in a steady up and down within evocative views, perched on a headland separating the Como from the Lecco branch of the lake. Absolutely one of the most beautiful resorts in the whole world, loved and visited by artists and writers of all times.




    This itinerary leads visitors to discover the narrow and evocative alleys of the ancient fisher village of Varenna, a true jewel set between the lake and mountains: from the Church of Saint George, which still preserves appreciable works of the 15th - 16th centuries to the gorgeous botanic gardens of Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi, eclectic residences reflecting on the water.
    Craft shops and restaurants breathe life into the alleys downtown and the lake promenade in a succession of colorful views.


    The Castle of Vezio, on the headland of Varenna, is clear from every corner of Lake Como and can be easily reached from Varenna either on foot or by car.
    It is surrounded by centenary olive trees and beside an incomparable view it offers the opportunity in the afternoons to admire the exhibition of birds of prey and falconers (booking required) and to visit the tower of the Castle and its underground passages.

    Castello di VezioCastello di Vezio

    The Castle is open from April to October from 10 a.m. to sunset, closed in case of rain.

    Castello di Veziocastello di Vezio



    Fiumelatte (river of milk), the shortest river in Italy, so called because of the white foam of the seasonal torrent that gushes out only in the spring from a hollow in the rocks and after a short distance flows into the waters of Lake Como.
    The hollow counts several explorers, among whom Leonardo da Vinci.
    We recommend the route that from the cemetery of Varenna leads to the headspring of Fiumelatte passing by the “Baluardo, a remarkable viewpoint overlooking the lake.


    Orrido di BellanoOrrido di BellanoOrrido di Bellano

    Bellano will offer you great emotions when visiting the "Orrido": a natural gorge formed by the waters of the river Pioverna through a process of erosion which lasted 15 million years.
    Narrow platforms fixed in the rock allow visitors to enter the gorge and have a breathtaking view of sparkling waters, waterfalls, smooth stones, rich vegetation and caves.
    The gloomy rumble of the turbulent waters of this wonder of nature have made the “Orrido” one of the most well known tourist resorts of the lake.


    Abbazia di PionaAbbazia di PionaAbbazia di Piona

    The Abbey is located in a magnificent location on the slopes of Mount Legnone at the northern end of the lake in the municipality of Colico.
    You can visit the Church with its beautiful frescoes, The Cloister, a place of meditation and silence, and the Chapter House, the meeting and reading place of the monks who still live in the Abbey.
    In the building used for the sale you can find medicinal herbs, cosmetic creams, honey and the famous liqueurs, wisely distilled according to the most ancient traditions, all natural products created by the monks themselves.

    Abbazia di PionaAbbazia di Piona


    Abbazia San Pietro al MonteAbbazia San Pietro al MonteAbbazia San Pietro al Monte

    It is surely worth visiting the ancient Abbey of San Pietro in Monte above Civate: beauty of nature and artistic creativity, a very special mix for one of the earliest masterpieces of Romanesque architecture in Lombardy.
    One hour walk along a mule track takes you to the architectural complex.
    The site is currently no longer occupied by any religious orders, but the two stone portals with the carved motto “Ora et Labora” remind us of the past presence here of Benedictine monks.

    Abbazia San Pietro al MonteAbbazia San Pietro al Monte


    Forte di MontecchioForte di Montecchio

    The military fortress from the first world war best-preserved in Europe.
    The complex of the fort, entirely excavated in the rock, is characterized by massive, granite walls and several underground walkways and preserves 4 massive cannons Mod. Schneider with rotating emplacement under armored dome.

    Forte di MontecchioForte di Montecchio


    Lecco e itinerario ManzonianoLecco e itinerario Manzoniano

    Gently lying between lake and impressive mountains (Grigne and Resegone), Lecco is mostly appreciated by the ones who love art, culture and nature. The centre with its alleys, the peculiar small districts, the cultural itineraries and the several activities you can join in the outskirts make Lecco a city where staying is surely a pleasure.
    In the old centre you can visit the remains of the fourteenth-century walls of Azzone Visconti and the old Market and Theatre squares, as well as the Basilica of St. Nicholas with its high bell tower overlooking the old harbor.
    Among the Museums we recommend “Villa Manzoni”, that was the residence of the Manzoni family for two centuries, and the “Palazzo Belgiojoso”, Museum of Natural History, Archaeological Museum and Planetarium.

    Lecco e itinerario ManzonianoLecco e itinerario Manzoniano

    Unique is the view you can enjoy from the plans of Erna, a real balcony above Lecco at an altitude of 1300 mt, to be easily reached by a cable railway in just five minutes time.

    Lecco e itinerario ManzonianoAlessandro Manzoni

    The writer Alessandro Manzoni (Milan, 1785-1873) spent much of his youth in the villa of “Caleotto” in Lecco and just in the surroundings he placed the setting of his famous novel "The Betrothed".
    The itinerary retraces the steps of “Renzo and Lucia” from Villa Manzoni to the old centre of Lecco, from Pescarenico to the Fortress of the “Innominato”, from the house of “Lucia” to the dwelling of “Don Rodrigo”.

    Alessandro ManzoniLecco - Pescarenico



    Well-known all over the world for its splendid villas, Como will fascinate you because of its charming landscapes and artistic heritage: from “Piazza Cavour”, the heart of the city, to “Piazza Duomo” and its Cathedral, from the beautiful “Piazza San Fedele” to the Tower.


    Also recommendable a ride on the cable railway connecting the city to the scenic mountain of Brunate.


    Not to miss the “Volta Temple”, which houses some relics of the famous scientist Alessandro Volta, born in Como and inventor of the electric battery, and “Villa Olmo”, seat of art exhibitions of high quality.

  • Villas and Gardens


    Villa CarlottaVilla Carlotta

    One of the most famous villas of Lake Como, well-known for its architecture, the works of art within included and its huge park, rich in exotic and tropical plants as well as in flowers in all hues.
    In spring you can admire an astonishing flowering of rhododendrons and azaleas in over 150 varieties, however any time of the year is suitable for a visit to this place of rare beauty that is considered “a corner of paradise”.

    Villa CarlottaVilla Carlotta


    Villa BalbianelloVilla Balbianello

    The villa is set in a sheer, panoramic position overlooking the lake.
    The real masterpiece of the Villa is its wonderful terraced garden dominated by the elegant, three-arcades loggia that stands on the highest point of the promontory.

    Villa BalbianelloVilla BalbianelloVilla Balbianello


    Villa MonasteroVilla Monastero

    Once a female convent converted between 600 and 800 into a patrician residence, Villa Monastero is now famous all over the world as a scientific, administrative and cultural Conference Centre.
    Through the botanic garden, over one km long, you may admire exotic plants, statues, small temples and balustrades.

    Villa MonasteroVilla Monastero


    Villa Cipressi

    The gorgeous botanic garden of Villa Cipressi covers more levels and offers a breathtaking view over mid lake.
    The Villa, now used as a hotel, belongs to different public corporations,including the Municipality of Varenna.


    Villa MelziVilla MelziVilla Melzi

    Villa Melzi is entirely surrounded by a charming English-style garden that stretches down to the lake.
    In the garden you may admire the cloister, the chapel, two Egyptian statues, a pond with water lilies, a tub with the statue of Cupid and another chapel with a Renaissance portal by Bramante.
    The interior, mostly in neoclassical style, preserves valuable works of art.

    Villa MelziVilla MelziVilla Melzi


    Villa SerbelloniVilla SerbelloniVilla Serbelloni

    Since 1959 the Villa has belonged to the Rockefeller Cultural Foundation of New York, who organizes conferences and study encounters.
    Its park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Italy, it is full of century old trees and rare and exotic cultures that create a unequaled exhibition of colours.
    You may admire caves, sculptures, ruins of medieval walls and on the top of the hill, the remains of a Romanesque Church dedicated to the Apostle St. Peter.